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Telephone: (0161) 620 5677

Fax: (0161) 620 5679

Out of Hours: 7 day access service 0161 934 2827 or 111

Gateway – 0161 357 5190

Smoking cessation – 0800 288 9088 / 0300 123 1044

Physio – 0161 484 1375

Health Visitor – 0161 484 1302 / 0161 484 1382

Midwife – 0161 652 5811

Dietician – 0161 622 9088



We offer on the day appointments every day with GPs.  Please ring at 8.00am and you will be offered an appointment with a clinician.  We also offer pre-bookable appointments 6 weeks in advance, although this has currently been suspended.  Children under 5 will be given same day appointments if they are unwell.  These requests may be triaged to determine their nature when appointment pressures are greater.

Around 8-10% of the appointments we offer are wasted every week by patients not turning up to an appointment they made.  We have began an action plan to reduce these numbers, including using SMS reminders, but the responsibility to attend lies with the patient.  After all it is your service! Our Practice manager will be championing this action plan.  Patients should cancel appointments that they are unable to attend. All patients have a choice where possible to see their preferred Doctor, however you may have a longer wait if you insist on seeing a particular clinician.


We are pleased to announce that you can have access to your medical record online via providers such as Patient Access. Login via the button below.  You can book, cancel and amend appointments online via Patient Access or now the NHS app. If you do not yet have an account but would like one please come into the practice and speak to a receptionist. If you have a Patient Access account you can view your medical record online. Click on the button below to login.  Other providers are available.

  • Tell us if you want someone to accompany you during an examination or a private room to discuss any matters. Remember that the results of tests can only be given to the patient.
  • Let us know if more than one person in the family needs to be seen as they can only be seen when booking appointments in advance.
  • Some appointment slots may be 15 mins long depending on the complexity of the problem.
  • All consultations are currently via telephone or video.  The GP will ring you at an approximate time on the telephone number you have given. Where possible a landline number should be given due to confidentiality. Mobile numbers can only be given if you are at work or are away from home.
  • If you are aged between 16yrs and 74yrs and have not been seen at our practice within the last 3yrs, you should make an appointment for a health check.
  • If you are aged 75yrs or over and have not been seen within the last year, you should make an appointment for a healthcheck.

Below are the common questions/comments we encounter at the practice regarding appointments.


I can never get through when I try to call at 8am?  I tried X number of times?

WMP has 3000 patient most of whom want to be seen on the day when they are unwell.  On any given morning, there will be 20-40 people phoning to get an appointment at the same time.  There are a limited number of lines at the practice, all of which are manned by the morning staff in order to take requests for appointments.  It is inevitable that once those lines are in use, anyone else calling will get an engaged tone.  Hence, those wanting a non urgent appointment are encouraged to book advanced appointments.  Also, please do not phone for anything other than wanting to make an urgent appointment, between the times of 8am- 9.30am, to keep the lines free.

Why are there no appointments available when the waiting rooms are empty?

The number of people sitting in the waiting room, is a bad way to determine how busy a practice is for numerous reasons.

a) We run an appointment based system.  i.e. we expect you to turn up and leave on time, hence there will be no reason to wait for long in the waiting room.  The only reason why a patient would be waiting is if they are waiting for something from reception or their appointment has been delayed (rarely)

b) Clinicians do not only see patients in a typical day.  We have fixed sessions in which they see patients, but outside of these, they are busy doing other tasks.  e.g. Home visits, reviewing prescriptions, blood results and hospital letters, staff meetings and reviews, practice management meetings, commissioning meetings and vary rarely if there are a spare 5 mins, having some lunch!  This list is not exhaustive.  Hence outside of these session times, there will not be many people sat in the waiting rooms

Why do I have to wait weeks to see a particular Dr?

WMP has x3 GPs who work at the practice part time.  Each is equally competent at managing patients.  If a patient insists on seeing a particular GP, it will be inevitable that a longer wait occurs.

Also, if a patient insists on seeing a female GP, it will again take longer as we only have one female GP who works at the practice.

Patients must also bear in mind that there may also be a wait when a GP is on annual leave.

Why is it that my friend/relative, who is registered at another practice, can get an appointment sooner?

WMP has registered for an Oldham wide scheme where we are required to provide a set number of appointments per week, based on our list size.  i.e. proportionately, we offer the same number of appointments as other practices in Oldham.  All Practices in the UK are struggling to meet demand for appointments.  However, patients should also reflect on reasons why our practice may be struggling to meet demand?  E.g. A recent audit showed that 8% of GP/ANP appointments are wasted every year by patients not cancelling their appointment?  That is 4 weeks’ worth of appointments.

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